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Wedding Event
Cheers To The Bride & Groom
Company Staff Event
Private Home Event
Bridal Shower Event
Social Event

Derivative Mixology prides itself in providing excellent service to all events it caters. 

Our focus is on service, product, presentation and quality.

Whether your event is something in-home and private, or large and outdoors, Derivative Mixology

will deliver an exceptional, memorable experience. Our beverage packages are unique and

designed around our clients expectations, event theme and number of guests attending.

We work with you to deliver exactly what you are interested in, including classic, modern

and elevated approaches. Best of all, our beverage packages include spirit pick-up and delivery

as well as the appropriate number of experienced bartenders for the size of your event.

Learn more!

Elevated After Dinner Cocktail
Mixology Equipment
Gin & Tonic
A Riff On A Classic
Cucumber Margarita
Smoked Old Fashioned

Ever wonder how your favorite bar makes such delicious cocktails? From infused syrups and spirits to fresh pressed citrus, unique liqueurs, tinctures and bitters; Derivative Mixology walks you through a hands-on mixology experience that uncovers the secrets behind the bar and the cocktail in your glass.

Learn the classics, get a taste of contemporary, and have a hand at creating something elevated.

Our mixology classes are designed around the history of spirits and cocktails, equipment/glassware used,

the evolution of flavor manipulation and cocktail presentation.

Take what you learn and WOW your own guests! Our mixology packages are priced according to attendance and location; we come to you! Contact us today to book a class!!

What Spirits Are On Your Shelf?
Who's Your Lead
Finding The Right Three
Wines, Liqueurs, Ports, Digestif, Aperitifs
Dinner Hour With Chef Jon
Seasonal Cocktail Menu

Derivative Mixology believes that bars are built on a foundation of thoughtful business strategies, striking design, cohesive branding, exemplary food and beverage options, and a genuine passion to connect with community. 

Our consulting services entail detailed profitable, and efficient beverage programs that embody the essence and atmosphere of your brand. We train bartenders to think like mixologists and to approach their job as a career while delivering cocktails and service with speed and consistency.

Through research and keeping current on industry trends, we work with each client to implement new features and ideas to enhance your guest's experience. Contact Derivative Mixology.

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