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Created in November of 2020 by Derivative Mixology, Cali Boy LLC.

Featured Cocktail Experience was designed to help those in the service industry impacted

by COVID-19 through a unique cocktail experience. 

During the pandemic, restaurants and bars were limited to to-go only/curbside pickup and in some cases, delivery. Many restaurants and bars lacked a solid to-go cocktail program to compliment their food program, which in turn limited their sales.  

This is where Featured Cocktail Experience comes into play. Featuring a bartender from a local 

establishment and a spirit from a local distillery, a cocktail is created based on the season at the time of creation. This cocktail is then batched and bottled, labeled with a creative design, and includes a QR code. The bottled cocktail is then placed in participating restaurants and bars needing a to-go cocktail program. When a consumer purchases the cocktail, they're able to expand upon their cocktail experience by scanning the QR code on the bottle with their phones camera.

This action in turn will open a web page for the consumer to learn about the bartender that made the cocktail, the distillery that provided the spirit, the cocktail ingredients and the locations the cocktail is sold at. It is in this experience the bartender is showcased along with the establishment he/she works at, along with the distillery and other locations the cocktail is at.

Through this experience, all entities are given business and their story told during such a prolific time. Times have changed and FCE has evolved since then. We hope you continue to follow the journey as we continue to create a unique cocktail experience. Cheers!

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