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What is the Featured Cocktail Experience?

The Featured Cocktail Experience features two cocktails that are released quarterly which highlight the season in which they are launched.  The cocktails will be created by select Pittsburgh bartenders and provide a chance for their restaurant and/or bar to step into the spotlight for the duration of the cocktail showcase. 

These cocktails, where available, are bottled and ready to be served in the restaurant or bar, and can also be sold to go.

Featured Cocktail bottles have QR codes which, when scanned, will link the viewer to information about the Pittsburgh bartender behind the cocktail, the cocktail itself, in addition to the local distillery that produced the spirits used.

How does the Featured Cocktail Experience support the Pittsburgh restaurant and bar industry?

By involving only local bartenders and distilleries, the consumer is supporting the Pittsburgh restaurant and bar industry directly when they purchase a Featured Cocktail, therefore providing revenue to the places that they know and love.


What is the charity that the Featured Cocktail Experience supports?

The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation helps to provide financial assistance to all of those who are in the service industry.


How can I become involved with the Featured Cocktail Experience?

Contact Derivative Mixology directly for more information to get your cocktail, restaurant, or business involved in a future launch!