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Mixology Experience

Mixology Experience Service For In-Home & Business

The Experience

Ever thought about the art of crafting exquisite cocktails? The ones that stand out! Those created with freshly squeezed citrus, homemade syrups, distinctive bitters and tinctures, and of course, your preferred spirits? Look no further!

Derivative Mixology presents an exclusive interactive cocktail adventure tailored for group enjoyment. Keep reading to discover more!

In-Home Experience

Derivative Mixology provides a fresh perspective on traditional cocktail classes, offering three distinct experiences to select from:

Essentials: Embracing a classic cocktail approach with beginner creativity.

Expressions: Exploring a modern cocktail method with intermediate creativity.

Evolutions: Delving into an elevated cocktail technique with advanced creativity.

Commercial/Airbnb Experience

Prepare to elevate your mixology skills at your personalized station, crafting three meticulously prepared cocktails through a blend of mixing, stirring, and shaking techniques. Derivative Mixology offers a complete set of ingredients, glassware, and bar tools to support your mixology journey. From setup to cleanup, Derivative Mixology ensures a seamless experience. This mixology session is designed for groups ranging from 10 to 20 individuals and can be hosted in the coziness of your home or as a highlight of a corporate entertainment function.

Eventbrite Experience

Contact Derivative Mixology now to reserve your mixology experience! Stay tuned for collaborative mixology events on our Eventbrite page.

We collaborate with distinct brands and venues to create amazing mixology experiences. Are you prepared to craft some cocktails?

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