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"Cucumber Falls" features Quantum Spirits 80 proof vodka made with rye/rye malt. Visit Quantum Spirits by clicking the link above to learn more and how to purchase their product.

Must Be 21|Please Drink Responsibly


Hello, and welcome to my cocktail page! My name is Ben Criswell, and I'm the owner and tattoo artist of Studio 88 Tattoo. My passion for tattooing began in the Fall of 2000 after being inspired by a talented friend of mine who started an apprenticeship at a local shop in Mon Valley where we both are from. I quickly fell in love with the art, the dedication, and culture which in turn led me to open my own shop, Studio 88 in 2002. 

After a rewarding day of tattooing, especially in these Summer months, I like to relax and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. One that encompasses one of my favorite places to visit, Cucumber Falls.

I teamed up with Featured Cocktail Experience to help design a cocktail that is smooth and refreshing, approachable and pleasing. I hope you enjoy my cocktail "Cucumber Falls".

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"Cucumber Falls" is made with fresh ingredients so you get the best experience in taste and quality. Featuring one of the best local distilleries in Pittsburgh PA, Quantum Spirits 80 proof vodka boasts a smooth and savory flavor profile that compliments and provides a foundation for the fresh lime juice, fresh cucumber cocktail syrup, and fresh mint infused water. The water we use is filtrated through a commercial grade Berkey Filtration system to ensure quality and freshness is preserved for your cocktail experience. We hope you enjoy every sip! 

Must Be 21|Please Drink Responsibly

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