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Cocktail Program

Cocktail Program Service For Bar/Restaurant/Hotel/Nightclub


Creating an ideal cocktail program can be tricky. Deciding on the spirits to use, finding the perfect ingredient combinations, and determining the appropriate pricing can feel daunting. These factors are crucial when assessing the compatibility of a cocktail program with your concept.


What are the advantages of implementing a cocktail program?

• A cocktail program serves as an additional revenue source, offering high margins and minimal waste if planned and managed effectively

• Due to the popularity of alcohol, customers enjoy exploring various types of drinks, and a well-rounded cocktail program can cater to this demand, boosting alcohol sales and overall revenue


With more than 20 years in the restaurant and bar industry, Derivative Mixology has perfected its creative skills in developing revenue-generating cocktail programs that yield high margins with minimal waste. Our hands-on creative strategy not only provides a strong base for your team but also captivates guests, encouraging them to explore the menu and return for more.

Remember, loyal customers are the most valuable ones.


Derivative Mixology is committed to bringing your vision to life for your concept, team, and guests. Our expertise lies in creating a personalized bar program to meet your needs, including training, inventory guidance, a customized cocktail menu for the launch, ingredient and equipment recommendations, POS system integration, and a detailed cost breakdown per cocktail. This service ensures a clear understanding of your profit margins right from the beginning. Boost your business income and stand out in the community. Reach out to Derivative Mixology today to kickstart your cocktail program!

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